Stretch Ceilings

A stretch ceiling provides a wealth of possibilities for interior design, limited only by the imagination of designer. The foils come in a rich variety of colors, both glossy and mat and the possibility to add print on it an additional source of inspiration.

The ceilings with the print are especially recommended for children’s rooms.

The use of a stretch ceilings enables any form to be achieved. It becomes possible to create multilevel, flat, arched, oval and other geometrically shaped structures.

The stretch ceilings is very light and therefore does not load existing structures. It can reduce the height of tall rooms, but does not significant reduce the height of low rooms, as it is established on the profile height of approximately 30 mm.

traditional and non traditional lighting(LED, fibre) points can be fitted in the stretch ceiling and it can also be highlighted from above. Ventilation and air conditioning systems can also be installed in the stretch ceiling.